• A Special Meeting - public invited

    August 23 at 6:00 pm for dinner, speaker at 7:00 pm
    2018 Master Gardener Class Wrap-up
    Dinner (members bring desserts and sides)
    Door prizes, Gifts for all guests

  • Monarch butterfly

    Presentation for the evening is about

    Monarch Butterflies

    "Patience Takes Flight"

  • Speakers: Mike and Susan Klopovich

    Mike & Susan Klopovich began raising & releasing monarch butterflies 4 years ago after hearing about the declining population. It all began with a few milkweed plants, 1 butterfly cage & the release of 53 butterflies. Since that first year they became a certified monarch waystation, raising & releasing hundreds of beautiful monarch butterflies as well as doing several programs. They hope that by sharing what they do will inspire others to help preserve the monarch population for future generations.

    Where: Middle Tennessee Research & Education Center
    Conference room
    1000 Main Entrance Dr.
    Spring Hill. TN

    RSVP to Jarrod 931-375-5301 or jreeson@utk.edu

  • How Can I Become a Master Gardener?

  • Volunteers must attend 40 hours of training offered by the UT Extension. Classes meet twice a week for 6 weeks. The sessions cover a wide variety of topics including wildlife, landscaping, flowers, trees, lawns, insects, plant diseases, and more. After completing the training the volunteer becomes an Intern for a year.
    To become a “Certified Master Gardener,” an Intern must complete and document a minimum of 40 hours of volunteer gardening related service and 8 hours of continuing education.

  • 2018 Master Gardener Classes

  • The 2018 Master Gardener classes started Thursday, July 12, 2018.

    For more information please contact Jarrod Reeson:

         Maury County Extension Office
         10 Public Square,
         Columbia, TN 38401

    Phone: (931) 375-5301
    E-mail: jreeson@utk.edu

  • To learn more, check out the brochure
    "How Do I Become A Master Gardener"