Helpful Websites and Publications (Tennessee Master Gardeners)

UT Extension Publication PB901 (Growing Vegetables in Home Gardens, includes timetables and planting guides) (Tennessee Native Plant Society) (Better Homes and Gardens) (Urban Gardening) (Member of the Resilient Living Council)

5 Essential Spring Gardening Tips (Huffingtonpost)

14 Simple Gardening Tips and Tricks (HGTV)

Vegetable Gardening Tips and Tricks | Planet Natural (Planet Natural Research Center)

"The Science of  Composting" (Andrew Scott of


Insects and Pollinators

According to the USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Pollinators Are in Trouble.

You may have heard that bees are disappearing and bats are dying. These and other animal pollinators face many challenges in the modern world. Habitat loss, disease, parasites, and environmental contaminants have all contributed to the decline of many species of pollinators. Check out the links below from the NRCS website:

Seed Planting Resources

Dave's Garden First/Last Frost Date Calculator – Gives a range of temperatures and % chance of a freeze after that date in spring or fall

Rodale Seed Starting Guide – A good guide to when to start what vegetables based on your frost dates.  Calculate when to start, how long it takes to be ready, and when to plant out in the garden.

Urban Farmer Planting Calendar for Zone 7 – more of a graph of spring and fall planting dates.  Can be customized with your frost dates

Grow A Good Life Seed Starting Schedule – calculate the starting date by hand using the information on the seed packet

Rodale's Seed Starting Tips – 14 general tips

Mother Earth News Seed Starting Tips – Another general overview

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