For Members

Our officers

President - George Patton
Vice President - Mickie DeHaven
Vice President - Ann Wright
Secretary - April Ray
Treasurer-Bruce & Cay McShurley


Reporting Volunteer and Continuing Education Hours

  Basic Instructions for using online system

  Link to online system

To report hours by print or email use one of the following
  PDF, use to print
  Excel, fill out and email

Additional Helpful Links

Tn Ext Volunteer Application Form

Bylaws of the Maury County Master Gardener Association

MG Volunteer Handbook from UT

Download Plant Sale info form

Who We Are

Maury County Master Gardeners are made up of people who have completed 40 hours of classes conducted by the Extension Service and sponsored by the University of Tennessee. The Maury County program is part of the State program. During the year after completing the classes, each intern must complete 40 hours of volunteer service and 8 hours of continued education. These hours are turned in to the Extension Office. After the first year requirements are met, to remain a Master Gardener, each person must complete 25 hours of volunteer service, 8 hours of continued education, and pay $10.00 dues, each year.


Our Meetings

Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month, except June and July.
Meetings begin with a potluck at 6:00 pm followed by the business meeting at 6:30 pm and the featured speaker at 7:00 pm.

     Maury County Senior Citizen's Building
     1020 Maury County Park Dr.
     Columbia, TN


Our Committees

Below is a list of committees and chair people for the club. Please let them know of your interest.

 1. Plant Sale - Melanie Edwards, Annette Wakefield, Cheryl Tyler

 2. Mentoring and Retention - Kathie Wilson, Kelly Raimondo

 3. Meeting Coordinators - Kelly Raimondo, Kathie Wilson, Ralph Saltz (alternate months)

 4. Programs - Mickie DeHaven, Ann Wright

 5. Publicity - George Patton (website), Gail Patton (newsletter), April Ray (Facebook), Larry Heidcamp (plant sale)

 6. Service Projects - Sue Nagel, Judi Heyning

 7. Maury County Home and Garden - Melanie Edwards

 8. Maury County Fair - Sam Richardson

 9. Sunshine - Cay & Bruce McShurley

10. Field Trips - Jessie Ziegenhagen

11. Club Photographer & Reporter - Rebecca Hartman

12. Budget - Cay & Bruce McShurley

13. Volunteer & Education hours online system support - George Patton, Rebecca Hartman, Kelly Raimondo